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Addy AI: Your AI email assistant that drafts personalized emails in seconds. Choose from a variety of tones and customize your messages. Let Addy learn and respond to conversations intelligently.

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What is Addy AI?

Addy AI is an artificial intelligence email assistant designed to quickly draft emails according to your preferred style and tone. With Addy AI, you have the flexibility to choose from a range of tones, allowing you to customize your emails to meet your specific requirements. Whether you require a formal tone for professional communication or a friendly tone for personal correspondence, Addy AI can effortlessly adapt. Additionally, Addy AI has the ability to learn from your writing style, enabling it to respond appropriately based on the context of the conversation.



Pros VS Cons

Addy AI offers a variety of customizable email styles and tones, saves significant time by drafting emails based on context, and has received positive feedback from diverse users, making it a useful tool for professionals and executives in streamlining the email writing process.
However, Addy AI is currently only available as a Chrome extension in beta phase, lacks a mobile app and multi-language support, and has limited tone options, integration with email clients, privacy settings, and offline mode, requiring frequent updates.

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Addy AI Use Cases

Addy AI is an AI-powered customer support agent that can handle your emails, allowing you to focus on real work.

Addy AI can write emails in over 100 languages, eliminating language barriers.

With Addy AI, you can get polished drafts of emails in seconds by simply telling Addy your email topic.

Addy AI adapts to your unique writing style and the context of your email thread to craft smart, personalized replies.

Addy AI can analyze the intent behind incoming emails and offer tailored reply options.

Never miss an important conversation again with Addy AI's one-click follow-up feature for writing follow-up emails.

Train Addy AI to sound like you by adding PDFs, documents, or website links to your Addy dashboard.

Addy AI uses your knowledge base to craft context-rich emails that are tailored to your unique voice and expertise.

Addy AI has helped write over 1 million emails for 11,972 happy people.

Download the Addy AI Chrome Extension to enhance your email writing experience.

Contact Addy AI through various channels including talking with the founders, emailing sales, and connecting on social media.

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