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Enhance GPT with deep customized knowledge by feeding scientific papers. Connect arbitrary data with Papers GPT. Discover the power of limitless possibilities.

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What is Papers GPT?

Jesse Zhang's personal website provides insights into the founder of Lowkey, a gaming startup that was acquired by Niantic. Explore Jesse's diverse range of projects and experiments across web development, machine learning, and investment. Discover more about Jesse Zhang and his contributions in these fields.



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Papers GPT Use Cases

Demo of feeding data sources into GPT to give it deep customized knowledge. The UX supports various data, such as scientific papers, Google Docs, etc. and comes with a Terminal-themed Q&A interface.

Real-time multiplayer implementation of the fun and somewhat degenerate game Camel Up. You can play with friends. Made in 3D with WebGL. Use the arrow keys to pan around.

Real-time multiplayer implementation of the game Bananagrams that you can play with friends. Made with no backend (just Firebase) and complete with customizations and fun keyboard shortcuts (try shift + dragging).

An elegant app to visualize the 3 main financial statements of any publicly-listed US equity. API currently only supports annual 10-K data. Still a work in progress.

A demo of the game Mastermind using Zero-Knowledge proofs. Responses to guesses are returned along with a ZK proof without revealing the answer. Inspired by [this](https://github.com/weijiekoh/zkmm).

Play the popular word game 'Wordle' with friends in real time. Race to see who finishes first! Supports up to 8 concurrent players. Works smoothly on mobile as well as desktop.

Demo of an embeddable widget created from an arbitrary set of addresses that can prove membership to the set. Todo: an API to define the set of addresses that returns the widget and verifying key.

Simple app that converts speech into DALL-E images, with a pretty UX to browse them.

A simple way to look up NFT collections on Ethereum and visually track what sorts of things people owned. This was created with Moralis as the backend.

An infinitely moving horizon made in the Vaporwave style, built entirely with CSS animations. This was a fun experiment with CSS perspective and 3D styling.

Using Alchemy, this is a simple tracker for the famous Cryptopunks collection.

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