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Unlock new opportunities with Patent INSIGHT Pro - the ultimate patent search and analysis tool. Access millions of patent documents, make informed decisions, and maximize research productivity.

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What is Patent INSIGHT Pro?

What is Patent INSIGHT Pro? A Comprehensive Patent Search and Analysis Tool for IP Professionals"

Patent INSIGHT Pro is an exceptional tool designed specifically for professionals in the IP industry. This service offers a seamless and convenient way to access millions of patent documents from across the globe. With Patent INSIGHT Pro, users can effortlessly conduct thorough searches and swiftly identify new opportunities within their respective fields.

Our platform provides robust search filters and advanced analytics, empowering users to make well-informed decisions and optimize their research productivity. The user-friendly interface allows for easy document sorting and examination, providing a detailed overview of your patent portfolio and much more.

By utilizing Patent INSIGHT Pro, you gain the ability to make informed decisions, gain a comprehensive understanding of your competitive landscape, and discover new opportunities with greater speed and effectiveness.


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Patent INSIGHT Pro Use Cases

Accelerate patent analysis activities with Patent INSIGHT Pro

Blend Patent INSIGHT Pro into your existing research workflow

Save time and eliminate manual errors with Instant Insight feature

Understand relationships with powerful Co-occurrence Analyzer

Visualize and explore patent data with VizMAP

Map intellectual links with Co-Citation and Self Citation Analysis

Generate full-fledged citation trees with Citation Analysis using Citation Tree

Search full text and bibliographic data of patents from 15 countries

Customize categorization and cluster patents around your own categories

Supports all commercial databases for patent data import

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