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Discover the latest beauty trends and products with ModiFace. Personalize your beauty regimen and find the perfect products for your needs. Try out different looks and share your virtual makeovers. Look and feel your best with ModiFace.

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What is ModiFace?

ModiFace is a cutting-edge beauty and healthcare technology platform that offers a personalized experience for users to explore the latest beauty trends, products, and services. Utilizing advanced facial tracking and analysis technology, ModiFace provides an intuitive virtual makeover experience, allowing users to plan and customize their beauty routine. With an extensive library of makeup and skincare products, ModiFace helps users visualize different looks and styles, helping them find the perfect beauty product for their unique needs. Powered by AI-driven algorithms, ModiFace can detect and analyze skin color, tone, and other facial features, offering personalized advice, tailored recommendations, and product suggestions. Additionally, users can effortlessly try out various looks, save and share their virtual makeovers with loved ones. With its user-friendly interface and state-of-the-art technology, ModiFace is the ultimate solution for individuals seeking to enhance their appearance and confidence.


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ModiFace FQA

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ModiFace Use Cases

Makeup Virtual Try-On allows you to view color cosmetics products in an augmented reality experience. You can easily preview all lip, eye, cheek, face, and brow products on your live video or image.

Hair Virtual Try-On allows you to easily try on different hair colors on your image or live video. Add the experience to a product page, create a standalone hair color try on page, test out different placements, do a before and after comparison, and more.

Skin Analysis makes it easy to capture a photo, analyze your skin, show you key skin concerns and information about those concerns, and recommend products that are right for you. Trained on over 10,000 images, our AI can identify over 20 clinical skin signs and 15 skin concerns with accuracy similar to a dermatologist.

Nail Virtual Try-On allows you to test out different nail colors, nail finishes, and even nail art. Enrich your product pages or create a dedicated nail try on experience using our software development kit or our easy to embed miniprogram.

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