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Pitchgrade - Instant pitch deck feedback for worry-free fundraising. Elevate your pitch and secure funding effortlessly.

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What is Pitchgrade?

PitchGrade is an innovative AI-based tool designed to assist users in effortlessly crafting top-notch presentations in more than 180 languages. By leveraging PitchGrade, users can streamline the presentation creation process, freeing up valuable time to concentrate on perfecting their final touches rather than starting from scratch.



Pros VS Cons

Pitchgrade offers on-demand feedback, comprehensive resources, and expert advice to help startups structure and deliver successful pitches, aiding in fundraising efforts and aligning brand values.
However, it is limited to the English language, lacks real-time feedback and industry-specific advice, and does not provide collaborative editing or project-sharing capabilities.

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Pitchgrade Use Cases

Generate high quality and research-rich presentations in 180+ Languages with PitchGrade's state-of-the-art Al.

Write 10x faster with our AI Presentation Generator

Get instant presentation feedback with our AI Presentation Review tool

PitchGrade uses state-of-the-art AI to create and review presentations in 182 languages

Switch plans or cancel anytime

AI Presentation Generator

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