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Save 60% on AWS spend with Pump! Our AI-driven solution optimizes commitments for your dynamic usage. Get estimated savings today at pump.co. Free forever!

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What is Pump?

Pump is a revolutionary AI-powered cloud savings platform designed to help startups and businesses significantly cut down on their AWS expenses. With Pump, there is no need for any technical expertise or financial risks. By leveraging advanced group buying techniques and AI algorithms, Pump automatically optimizes and reduces cloud costs, enabling users to save up to 60% on their AWS bills effortlessly.



Pros VS Cons

Pump offers a range of benefits such as minimal IAM permissions, free trials, dedicated account manager, real-time AWS consumption monitoring, and efficient allocation of unused resources, among others, providing potential cost savings and streamlined AWS usage for users.
However, Pump's limitations include its exclusive support for AWS, mandatory one-year commitment, limited range of AWS services, and unclear pricing information, which may restrict its suitability for users with diverse cloud provider needs and specific billing scenarios.

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Pump FQA

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Pump Use Cases

Pump is a cost optimization platform for AWS that helps startups save up to 60% on their cloud computing costs.

Pump offers group buying and AI-powered automated savings to reduce AWS bills.

The platform is designed for startup founders, engineering teams, and finance teams who want to save on AWS costs.

Pump has been trusted by over 200 innovative startups and has received positive reviews from customers.

The onboarding process is simple and well-structured, and Pump provides 24/7 support.

Pump offers a free plan and has a real money-back guarantee in the form of AWS credits.

The platform is highly secure, with billing level permissions and zero access to customers' actual AWS accounts.

Pump provides a range of features, including autopilot reserved instances, autopilot savings plans, and monthly bill review.

Customers can view their savings estimate and grant write permissions to Pump to start saving.

Pump also offers an affiliate program, allowing customers to earn rewards by referring others to save on AWS.

The blog provides insights and knowledge about AWS cost optimization and cloud financial management.

Getting started with Pump is free, with no contracts or credit card required.

Pump is backed by Y Combinator and has been recognized as the number one product of the day on Product Hunt.

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