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Discover RTutor, the AI-powered app that effortlessly generates and tests R code. Translate natural language into R scripts and execute them on the Shiny platform. Get started with RTutor now!

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What is RTutor?

RTutor is an AI-powered application designed to enable users to engage with their data through natural language interactions. By generating R code, it facilitates the analysis of data and presents visual plots and numerical results as outputs.



Pros VS Cons

RTutor generates R and Python code, supports various data formats, automatically detects data types, generates descriptive summaries and correlation analyses, supports multiple languages, and provides data visualization and exploration capabilities.
RTutor only supports limited data formats, does not allow commercial use, is still in the prototype/testing phase, requires data preparation in Excel, has limitations in executing large datasets, does not guarantee accuracy of generated code, only supports R and Python languages, does not include installed R packages, and can fail due to server load.

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RTutor Use Cases

Chat with your data via AI

Translate natural language into R code

Upload a data file and analyze it in plain English

Download results as an HTML report

Start small and gradually add complexity

Send valuable feedback to improve the product

Rephrase requests if they don't work

Increase the 'Temperature' setting for more aggressive AI solutions

Prepare and clean data in Excel before uploading

Check data types and change if needed

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