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Create and run powerful online tests with Quilgo. Customize questions, add rich text and media. Secure and accurate with advanced features. Try now!

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What is Quilgo?

Quilgo is a cutting-edge online testing platform designed to enhance your SEO. It provides a wide array of features and options for creating and administering robust online tests. Our platform boasts a user-friendly interface that allows you to effortlessly customize your tests. You can easily add questions, select correct answers, specify scores, and enrich your tests with rich text, sections, and media. To ensure the utmost security and accuracy, Quilgo incorporates advanced functionalities like timers, AI screen tracking, and camera proctoring. Additionally, our Question Randomizer and Shuffling features enable you to diversify quiz content, resulting in improved performance. With Quilgo, you can confidently create, manage, and administer tests online, enjoying unparalleled convenience.



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Quilgo Use Cases

Automate assessments, exams, and interviews with Quilgo. Build custom online tests, set start and end time, enable AI screen and camera proctoring, view and share reports. Make your work easier today.

Generate a quiz template with AI and save hours. Our AI instant quiz generator will help you get started quicker!

Build powerful quizzes with Quilgo. Add questions, choose correct answers, specify the score, and extend with rich text, sections, and media. Turn on Question Randomizer and Shuffling for a perfect quiz.

Enable Quilgo AI proctoring tools to save you time and discourage cheating. Smart screen, camera, and action tracking are here to make your online testing more trustworthy.

Relax with Quilgo. Schedule the start time, set a deadline, enable response auto-submission, and more. This all makes online testing robust, reliable, and stress-free.

View and download personal and quiz reports with Quilgo. View quiz responses, download them in CSV, open personal reports, and print them as PDF. Dive into personal reports for deeper analytics.

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