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Boost your productivity with ReadyRunner, the AI assistant app powered by ChatGPT. Write, code, and learn effortlessly with its prompt library and AI text editor. Get started today!

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What is ReadyRunner?

ReadyRunner GPT Chat for Desktop is an AI assistant application that leverages the advanced capabilities of GPT-3 and GPT-4 models. This versatile app can be easily installed on your desktop or accessed online. It serves as an invaluable tool for users, assisting them in various tasks including writing, coding, learning, and enhancing productivity.


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Pros VS Cons

ReadyRunner offers a desktop-based, quick, and clean user interface with various writing and editing tools, grammar correction, idea brainstorming, execution speed improvement, technical support, and instant hotkey access, while being compatible with multiple platforms and requiring no payment information for free use.
However, it has limited free usage, lacks a mobile version, depends on GPT availability, lacks multi-language support, voice interaction, offline mode, API access, collaborative features, and version control for edits.

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ReadyRunner FQA

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ReadyRunner Use Cases

Use ReadyRunner's Assistant chat to have standard AI conversations and get customizable responses.

Collaborate on code or text with the AI assistant using ReadyRunner's ScratchPad feature.

Ask questions about a document and get answers based on the document's content using ReadyRunner's Document Chat.

Access ReadyRunner instantly from anywhere on your system using the Global Hotkey Access feature.

Influence the types of responses you get from the assistant by utilizing ReadyRunner's System Prompt Library.

Easily read and follow the conversation as messages stream in from the top in ReadyRunner.

Keep track of the message memory and clear it if needed using ReadyRunner's explicit Assistant Memory feature.

Compose multi-line messages and access previously sent messages using ReadyRunner's Multi-line composer with history.

Switch between GPT-3 and GPT-4 models during conversations with ReadyRunner's Model Switcher.

Download the Mac App for ReadyRunner.

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