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Discover the power of Aurora AI! Create your AI infrastructure for only $15/month. Access open-source models, collaborate with your team, and engage with the community. Unleash your potential today!

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What is Aurora AI?

In simple terms, Incribo is a cost-effective platform that offers top-notch synthetic data. Synthetic data, in this context, refers to artificially created data that closely resembles real data, while ensuring the security of sensitive information.


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Aurora AI Use Cases

Generate voice-based datasets with variations in pitch, rate, volume for translations, podcasts, & voicebots.

Create realtime modules for Speech Recognition(SR), Language Identification(LI), & Emotion Recognition(ER) patterns.

Synthesize 3D models with variations to features, movements, expressions matching real-world data for augmentation, gaming, architecture, & product designs.

Organize your designs for landscapes with spatial metrics, dimensions, motion graphics for AR/VR, environment models, & climate forecasts.

High-Res image frame datasets helps with frame-by-frame capture for video production, animation, & emotions/expression analysis.

Localize your LLMs with multi-lingual datasets that can easily be connected to internal knowledge-base to build multi-purpose AI automation tools for your teams.

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