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Manage customer relationships, boost loyalty, and maximize sales potential with Recotap's innovative cloud-based software. Gain insights, automate tasks, and tailor marketing campaigns for success.

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What is Recotap?

Recotap is a cutting-edge cloud-based software solution that simplifies customer relationship management for businesses. With its advanced analytics tools and user-friendly interface, Recotap empowers businesses to establish enduring connections with customers, enhance customer loyalty, and unlock their sales potential. By providing valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, Recotap enables businesses to gain a deeper understanding of their target audience and customize their marketing campaigns accordingly. Moreover, the platform equips businesses with comprehensive customer management tools, facilitating the tracking of customer interactions, management of customer data, and access to real-time reports. Additionally, Recotap offers robust automation capabilities, enabling businesses to streamline tasks and processes, saving time and boosting efficiency. For businesses seeking to foster strong customer relationships, Recotap is the ultimate solution.



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Recotap Use Cases

Recotap is an AI-driven Account-based Marketing & Advertising solution that offers a truly omni-channel and precision targeting capability for B2B marketers.

Book more meetings with accounts that matter

Grow revenue, shorten sales cycles, and lower customer acquisition costs with Account-based Marketing

Trusted by top enterprises and startups

The most complete AI-powered Account-based marketing solution

Works well with your existing tech stack

Get help to design your ABM program ground-up

Not sure where and how to start your ABM journey?

We created ABM playbooks to help you get started quickly

It's important to personalize content, messaging, and the entire funnel to individuals. Recotap solves the problem others have solved piece-meal, and they solve fully.

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