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Quickly extract insights from text with Lexalytics Summarize. Accurate natural language processing, entity recognition, sentiment analysis, and more. Easy to use and scalable.

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What is Lexalytics Summarize?

Lexalytics Salience is a robust and precise text analysis system that allows users to efficiently and accurately identify significant words, phrases, and topics within extensive amounts of text. This service is particularly beneficial for businesses and organizations that need to swiftly extract valuable insights from unstructured data sources. Salience offers users precise natural language processing capabilities, including entity recognition, sentiment analysis, categorization, and keyword extraction. Additionally, it provides advanced machine learning algorithms to assist users in identifying and extracting the most pertinent information from their text data. This encompasses the ability to identify crucial topics and themes within a document, as well as generate summaries and visualizations of the text data. The service is user-friendly, requiring minimal setup or configuration, and is highly scalable, enabling real-time analysis of large volumes of text data.


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Lexalytics Summarize Use Cases

Lexalytics Summarize is a text analytics and NLP software library for on-premise deployment or integration.

It can be used for social media monitoring, regulatory compliance, robotic process automation, and AI for medical affairs.

The platform supports multiple languages and industry-specific applications.

It offers features such as text analytics, machine learning, sentiment analysis, entity extraction, categorization, intentions, and document summarization.

Lexalytics has been featured in recent press coverage and is celebrating its 20th anniversary of NLP innovation.

For more information, you can visit the Lexalytics website or contact their sales team.

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