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Save time and money with Scribie's user-friendly transcription service. Fast and accurate, our experienced professionals deliver comprehensive transcripts within 24 hours. Pay per minute or hour and get back to what matters most.

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What is Scribie?

Scribie is the ultimate solution for businesses and individuals seeking to optimize their time and resources. By utilizing this user-friendly transcription service, you can easily upload audio or video files and have them transcribed promptly by highly skilled professionals. With Scribie, you can rest assured knowing that your transcript will be both accurate and comprehensive, as their transcriptionists boast a minimum of one year of experience. Additionally, Scribie offers impressive turnaround times, with transcripts typically being completed within 24 hours. The payment system is flexible, allowing you to choose between paying per minute or per hour of audio. By using Scribie, you can eliminate the need to transcribe audio yourself, freeing up valuable time and energy to focus on your top priorities.



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Transcribe video into text

Transcribe podcast into text

Transcribe lectures, seminars into text

Transcription Service for Dissertations

Transcription Service for Legal Matters

Transcription Service for Marketing

Transcription Service for Sermon

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