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Get started with WriteMyPRD and say goodbye to writing PRDs from scratch. Our GPT-3 powered tool makes it easy for you to generate a first draft. Takeover from there and save time!

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What is WriteMyPRD?

WriteMyPRD is a cutting-edge web application designed to streamline the creation of Product Requirement Documents (PRDs). Leveraging the advanced language model, ChatGPT, this innovative tool simplifies the PRD generation process. By utilizing WriteMyPRD, users can effortlessly produce comprehensive and detailed PRDs for their products, requiring minimal effort. Additionally, the platform offers valuable resources to assist users throughout the entire PRD creation journey.


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WriteMyPRD Use Cases

WriteMyPRD is a product that helps users kickstart their PRD writing journey by providing basic information.

Users can input the product name, feature name, and give an overview/explanation of their product.

The tool also allows users to define their requirements by listing all the features that need to be built.

Users can add qualitative feedback and provide additional details for their PRD.

WriteMyPRD provides resources such as a guide on building an effective PRD, curated PRD templates, and a product requirements document template.

Users can also listen to the Product Hooman podcast, which celebrates the creative minds behind innovative products and explores their unique journeys, insights, and experiences.

WriteMyPRD is brought to you by Olvy and The Product Folks.

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