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Master the guitar quickly and easily with Sensy Guitar. Our interactive online platform offers step-by-step video lessons and real-time feedback. Choose from a variety of songs and customize your learning experience. Perfect for beginners and seasoned players alike.

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What is Sensy Guitar?

Sensy Guitar is the ultimate solution for those looking to learn and excel at playing the guitar. Our cutting-edge online platform provides an interactive and user-friendly experience, specifically designed to assist beginners in mastering the guitar's fundamentals swiftly and effortlessly. Our comprehensive approach includes step-by-step video lessons and instant feedback, ensuring that users are guided through the learning process effectively.

For more advanced players, Sensy Guitar offers a vast selection of songs to practice with. You have the freedom to personalize your learning journey by choosing different difficulty levels, adjusting the tempo, and even changing the key of the song. What sets us apart is our patented SensyTone technology, which delivers real-time feedback on your guitar-playing skills, helping you stay on track and enhance your abilities.

Regardless of your skill level, Sensy Guitar caters to your specific needs and guarantees an engaging learning experience. Whether you're a novice or an experienced guitarist, our courses are meticulously tailored to ensure your progress and improvement. With Sensy Guitar, you can embark on your musical journey with confidence and achieve your guitar-playing goals.


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Sensy Guitar Use Cases

Effortless playing. Unchained creativity.

New to guitars? Start playing the instant you take Sensy Guitar in your hands, thanks to the AI Play feature.

Feeling creative? Sensy offers simple ways to channel your creativity into solid hits.

Play instantly. Even users with zero experience can play great music right off the bat, thanks to the AI-assisted play mode.

Play any instrument. Sweep it like a guitar. Play it like a piano. Tap it like a drum pad. Play it however you like, because Sensy Guitar is the ultimate MIDI controller!

Create music anywhere, at any time. Sensy Guitar is portable, lightweight, and an extremely capable MIDI tool for pro musicians and enthusiasts.

Karaoke-style guitar playing. Unlike a real guitar that requires devoted learning time before you can start having fun, playing Sensy Guitar is fun from the very start. It’s like karaoke for guitar playing - LEDs show you the way to play any song.

Play on sight thanks to AI Play. Turn on the guitar. Connect the app. Start playing.

From an idea to a music masterpiece in one step. Sensy Guitar eliminates the need for multiple instruments to record a track.

Versatile MIDI interface. Connect Sensy Guitar as a MIDI controller in an instant, and start using it with any software or tools. It supports all DAWs and notation software. No drivers or additional apps are required.

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