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Natural Language Playlist

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Discover the power of AI with Natural Language Playlist! Get personalized mixtapes and playlists crafted by AI, simply by entering a sentence prompt. Unleash the perfect soundtrack for every moment.

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What is Natural Language Playlist?

Natural Language Playlist is a platform developed by Abelardo Riojas, a Data Science graduate student, that utilizes artificial intelligence to produce customized mixtapes. By employing sentence embeddings and carefully selected song metadata, it comprehends the unique musical and cultural characteristics of each song.



Pros VS Cons

Natural Language Playlist offers comprehensive instructions, understands complex lyrical themes, interprets musical features, and facilitates music discovery by identifying popular trends, featuring independent artists, and providing intelligent recommendations.
However, the beta version may lack stability, it is biased towards independent artists, lacks a mobile app and social sharing features, and requires specific query structures and user input for functionality.

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Natural Language Playlist FQA

  • Who created Natural Language Playlist?icon plus
  • What is the purpose of Natural Language Playlist?icon plus
  • How does Natural Language Playlist curate playlists?icon plus
  • What is the relationship between language and music according to Abelardo Riojas?icon plus
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Natural Language Playlist Use Cases

Use obscure genres and hyper-specific lyrical themes! Midwest Emo songs to cry in the shower to because my girlfriend broke up with me

Use adjectives that describe your playlist and use multiple sentences! Absolutely unlistenable songs. Music that doesn't even sound like music.

Describe the musical features of your playlist! Very danceable, positive mood, fast tempo, high energy, songs for lovers.

How popular should your song be? What era, decade or year is it from? Extremely popular pop rock from the early 1980s.

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