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Unlock the power of ChatGPT with SlideSpeak - an Open Source tool that summarizes PowerPoint slides using AI. Seamlessly extract information, ask questions, and more!

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What is SlideSpeak?

SlideSpeak is a chat platform that leverages the capabilities of ChatGPT. It enables users to engage with their PowerPoint slides effectively. By uploading their PowerPoint files, users can inquire about the content, obtain summaries, and receive actionable tasks from the presentations.


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Pros VS Cons

SlideSpeak offers fast and secure interaction with PowerPoint slides, generating summaries, answering questions, and identifying action items, while ensuring data privacy and boosting productivity.
However, it currently only supports PowerPoint files, lacks multi-document support and real-time collaboration, and has limited integration options and query capabilities.

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SlideSpeak FQA

  • Is SlideSpeak AI free?icon plus
  • How and where is my data stored?icon plus
  • Can I ask questions about multiple documents?icon plus
  • Do you support other document types other than PowerPoint?icon plus
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SlideSpeak Use Cases

Summarize PDF with AI

Summarize Word documents with AI

Chat with your PowerPoint files

Ask any question about your PowerPoint slides

Generate Summaries

Get Action Items

Ask literally anything...

Is SlideSpeak AI free?

How and where is my data stored?

Can I ask questions about multiple documents?

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