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Boost meeting efficiency with Briefly AI - automated note-taking, summaries, action items, and follow-up emails for enhanced productivity.

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What is Briefly AI?

BrieflyAI is an AI-driven solution designed to enhance your meeting experience and productivity. By automatically transcribing meetings and organizing them based on content, BrieflyAI enables you to be fully present during discussions. Afterward, it generates comprehensive meeting summaries, action items, and even automated follow-up emails. With objective summaries, key insights, and personalized action items, BrieflyAI streamlines your workflow, saving you valuable time and effort.


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Pros VS Cons

Briefly AI supports 12 languages, generates meeting summaries, provides automatic transcription service, and enhances productivity and teamwork through its various features.
However, it is limited to a Chrome extension, lacks mobile app support, cannot handle multiple languages simultaneously, and may have issues with technical jargons and incorrect transcription.

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