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Unlock business success effortlessly with Smitty AI, the wizard of artificial intelligence. Chat about specific subjects, train employees, and more – no programming needed!

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What is Smitty AI?

Smitty.ai is an AI chatbot designed to provide instant answers to your employees by connecting to your knowledge base. Acting as a highly knowledgeable and efficient employee, it streamlines processes and saves valuable time. With no coding required, it is accessible to everyone. By harnessing the power of AI, Smitty.ai's knowledge base ensures swift and adaptable responses by leveraging context from your specific operations.



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Smitty AI Use Cases

Smitty AI is an AI chatbot that uses your knowledge base to answer questions.

Our AI chatbot acts as an employee with knowledge and efficiency, helping you streamline your operations and save time and money.

Our innovation includes a cutting-edge AI wizard and a unique knowledge base platform to provide fast, easy access to information.

Smitty is suitable for every business, allowing you to customize the information available to your chatbot and protect your valuable data.

Our solution eliminates the need for traditional chatbot programming and provides fast, accurate responses to your questions and concerns.

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