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Experience SteosVoice, the ultimate text voice service with 40+ voices to choose from. Synthesize up to 5000 symbols per day for free on our Telegram bot.

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What is SteosVoice?

SteosVoice, previously known as CyberVoice, is an innovative speech synthesis platform powered by Artificial Intelligence. With its advanced technology, SteosVoice produces incredibly lifelike and top-notch voices. It caters to content creators by offering a diverse range of features and capabilities, such as text-to-speech (TTS) for videos, mods, and games. Serving as the vocal cords of Artificial Intelligence, SteosVoice strives to be the ultimate solution for speech synthesis.


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Pros VS Cons

SteosVoice offers ultra-realistic speech synthesis with high-quality sound, over 50 voices in 15 languages, large user base, and various features for dubbing videos, content creation, gaming applications, and more, allowing creators to monetize and generate unique engaging content while respecting voice authors' rights.
SteosVoice has limited language support, restricted output format, requires paid plans for heavy usage, unclear process in monetizing voice, potential high demand, and limited character styles in voices, with partial community support services.

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SteosVoice FQA

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SteosVoice Use Cases

Create unique content

Dub videos, donations, indie games, mods

Create podcasts

Congratulate your patrons

Make money on your voice

Voice messages for patrons

YouTube localization

Businesses and Media

Mods for videogames

Audio books

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