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Build, manage, and run autonomous AI agents effortlessly with SuperAGI Cloud. Explore a marketplace for tools, agent templates, and knowledge embeddings. Monitor agent performance seamlessly.

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What is SuperAGI Cloud?

SuperAGI is an open source autonomous AI agents framework designed specifically for developers. It allows developers to efficiently create, control, and deploy functional autonomous agents. With SuperAGI, developers can rapidly build and manage reliable autonomous agents, ensuring optimal performance and ease of use.



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SuperAGI Cloud FQA

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SuperAGI Cloud Use Cases

Building infrastructure components, tools, frameworks and models to enable opensource agentic AGI

Create and run custom sophisticated agent workflows programmatically using LLM ReAct architecture steps

Augment agents with custom knowledge. Plug-in embeddings from our marketplace or bring your own

Extend Agent capabilities with an extensive library of tools like GitHub, Jira, Slack, Notion or build your own

Get critical telemetry into working of agent systems and analyse org-level, agent-level and run-level metrics

Select between multiple closed & opensource models to power your agents

Choose from multiple toolkits, agent templates, knowledge embeddings and models

A research lab dedicated to exploring & advancing the use of opensource autonomous AI agents

Build Autonomous Apps using SuperAGI

Automate business processes using AI agents

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