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Tabnine: Boost your coding speed in any IDE. Perfect for teams or individual developers. Write code faster with our innovative tool.

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What is Tabnine?

Tabnine is an AI assistant designed to enhance code delivery and ensure code safety. With its advanced code completion capabilities, Tabnine significantly improves development productivity. It seamlessly integrates with popular modern IDEs, making it a valuable tool for developers.



Pros VS Cons

Tabnine offers comprehensive code completions tailored to developers' patterns, improves code quality, ensures consistency, reduces code review iterations, and creates cohesive code across popular and niche languages while emphasizing user privacy and not storing user code.
Tabnine lacks mention of offline support, has limited language-specific optimization, relies on connectivity for cloud functions, may have potential delays in suggestions, requires repository connection, lacks stated multi-platform support, and raises privacy concerns when using public code.

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Tabnine FQA

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Tabnine Use Cases

Tabnine is a code completion tool that speeds up code delivery and keeps your code safe.

Tabnine provides impressive code completion functionality and helps boost development productivity.

Tabnine has boosted developer productivity for CI&T, resulting in an 11% productivity increase across projects.

Tabnine Enterprise has helped ensure code consistency and faster code reviews for ReasonLabs.

Tabnine's code completion feature includes autocomplete lines of code, suggests full function completion, and generates blocks of code based on natural language comments.

Tabnine is trained exclusively on permissive open-source repositories, eliminating privacy, security, and compliance risks.

Tabnine can be locally adapted to your codebase and knowledge base without exposing your code, combining universal knowledge with your own coding styles and best practices.

Tabnine runs in fully isolated mode, ensuring security, privacy, and compliance by hosting it in your preferred environment.

Tabnine does not train on your code unless you choose to connect your codebase, ensuring the privacy of your code.

Tabnine Chat is a private and secure AI assistant that has studied your entire codebase, open-source code, and Stack Overflow Q&A, and is always available to answer questions and generate code.

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