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Streamline software development with Travis CI's automated testing and continuous integration platform. Create, manage, and deploy applications effortlessly, while ensuring bug-free updates and multi-platform compatibility. Save time and resources, and focus on delivering exceptional software.

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What is Travis CI?

Travis CI is a robust platform designed for automated testing and continuous integration. It enables developers to effortlessly create, manage, and deploy their applications, freeing them from the complexities of server setup and maintenance. With Travis CI, developers can quickly set up their own test suites and configure their applications to automatically run tests whenever there are software updates. This guarantees that all modifications to the application undergo thorough testing, minimizing the chances of introducing bugs into the live system. Moreover, Travis CI supports builds for various platforms, enabling developers to easily deploy their applications across multiple environments. By leveraging Travis CI, developers can optimize their time and resources, allowing them to focus on developing exceptional software that caters to their users' requirements.


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Travis CI FQA

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Travis CI Use Cases

Test your code in minutes. Deploy with confidence.

Connect directly to Assembla, GitHub and more.

Parallel building with our Build Matrix.

Simple syntax means faster time to value.

Clean VMs for every build.

Live build request.

Auto-deployment on passing builds

Pull request support.

Test on Mac, Linux and iOS.

Test on unique architecture like AMD Graviton 64, IBM PowerPC and IBM Z.

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