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Unlock the power of Trellis, the ultimate custom teacher. Simplify code, translate languages, and visualize concepts effortlessly. Experience the future of learning!

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What is Trellis?

Trellis is an advanced online reader that utilizes AI technology to enhance the reading experience. It enables users to access a wide range of digital content, including research papers, textbooks, books, and more. With its integrated AI companion, Trellis offers instant feedback and answers to user queries, ensuring a seamless reading journey. Additionally, users can easily share their notes and highlights with friends, making it a comprehensive and interactive platform.



Pros VS Cons

Trellis offers personalized learning with text simplification, adaptive complexity levels, Socratic guidance, quiz feature, diagram explanations, and affordable pricing, making learning accessible and removing intimidation.
However, it lacks multi-language support, collaborative learning features, interactivity, offline support, support for learning disabilities, clear data privacy policies, and may have basic quizzing features and limited availability of requested books.

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Trellis FQA

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Trellis Use Cases

Read research papers, textbooks, books, anything, with an AI companion.

Join the Trellis Community Slack.

All the digital reading functionality you'd expect, plus instant useful answers from AI with pointers to relevant excerpts in the file.

Ask thousands of questions & get answers without breaking your flow.

Simple, elegant functionality. Share & search through your marginalia for single files.

Jump directly to the relevant excerpt. Read what's appropriate to get to the next level of understanding. Plus, share your learnings with friends.

Our mission is to make humanity more brilliant, with the help with the most powerful AI system on the planet.

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