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Supercharge your typing experience with Typing Mind. Enjoy fast response, chat search, integrations, and prompt library. Run locally on your browser or macOS App. Get your own API Key now!

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What is Typing Mind?

TypingMind is a robust user interface (UI) that enhances the functionality of ChatGPT, a highly capable language model. It provides users with a range of supplementary features such as chat history search, prompt library, folder organization, and integrations.


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Pros VS Cons

Typing Mind offers faster response times, integrated research tools, a prompt library, no login requirement, local browser-based usage, searchability of chat history, no monthly fee, conversation guidance, improved response effectiveness with the prompt library, access to gpt-3.5-turbo model, and instant query processing.
Typing Mind only supports the GPT-3.5-turbo model, lacks a mobile version and native app, may have limited personalization due to no login requirement, can only be used on browsers, is dependent on users' API limits, has limited pre-determined prompts, lacks mention of multi-language support, and lacks clear support or assistance.

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Typing Mind FQA

  • How do I pick up a draggable item?icon plus
  • How can I change my profile?icon plus
  • What features does Typing Mind offer?icon plus
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Typing Mind Use Cases

Use Typing Mind to pick up draggable items by pressing the space bar and use arrow keys to move them

Cancel the dragging by pressing the escape key

Enter your API key to access Typing Mind's features

Change your profile settings on Typing Mind

Use your own API key for Typing Mind

Access GPT-4 on Typing Mind's blog

Use Typing Mind for a better UI for ChatGPT

No monthly fee or usage limit on Typing Mind

Organize your chats with folders, search, and export features on Typing Mind

Access a prompt library and AI characters on Typing Mind

Enjoy text-to-speech and web search capabilities on Typing Mind

Enable unlimited plugins on Typing Mind

View all features of Typing Mind

Get your API key from the Open AI dashboard to use with Typing Mind

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