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Veracode Static Code Analysis

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Protect your applications from malicious code with Veracode Static Code Analysis. Scan, analyze, and remediate security threats quickly and easily. Try it now!

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What is Veracode Static Code Analysis?

Veracode Static Code Analysis is a highly effective security testing solution that offers comprehensive protection for applications against malicious code. This advanced tool helps organizations in identifying, analyzing, and resolving security threats within their software applications prior to their release. With Veracode, you can effortlessly scan source code for known vulnerabilities, assess code complexity to detect potential security flaws, and identify malicious and unintended code.

The cutting-edge static code analysis technology provided by Veracode enables organizations to quickly and easily find and fix security vulnerabilities, resulting in significant time and cost savings. The user-friendly platform features an intuitive dashboard that simplifies the monitoring of scans and remediation progress. Additionally, Veracode supports a wide range of programming languages, ensuring compatibility is never a concern.

Veracode Static Code Analysis is an ideal solution for organizations seeking a straightforward and efficient method to safeguard their applications from malicious code. It delivers fast and reliable results while offering a comprehensive overview of your security posture.


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Veracode Static Code Analysis Use Cases

Veracode Static Code Analysis can be used to identify and fix flaws in code as it is being written.

Veracode Static Code Analysis can help prevent open-source code vulnerabilities.

Veracode Static Code Analysis can be used to secure container technologies before production.

Veracode Static Code Analysis can find and fix runtime web app vulnerabilities.

Veracode Static Code Analysis can leverage the skills of experienced penetration testers.

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