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Meet Woebot Health, your AI-powered mental health ally. Regain your true self with clinically-backed support. Start feeling better today!

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What is Woebot Health?

Woebot is an AI-powered personal mental health ally that assists individuals in regaining their sense of self. It provides evidence-based behavioral health solutions to meet the growing demand for mental health care. By forming a lasting connection with users, Woebot offers on-demand support.



Pros VS Cons

Woebot Health offers a wide range of CBT techniques, personalized advice, and resources, backed by clinical research, with accessibility and immediacy, while maintaining user anonymity and confidentiality of data.
However, it has limitations such as a limited range of techniques, lack of human intervention, and potential privacy concerns, and it may not be suitable for crises or a replacement for therapy.

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Woebot Health FQA

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Woebot Health Use Cases

Woebot Health is a mental health tool that provides evidence-based behavioral health solutions.

Woebot integrates with health systems to improve access to mental health care.

Woebot establishes a lasting bond with users similar to the bond between human therapists and patients.

Woebot can be used as an adjunct to traditional therapy.

Woebot is used by clinicians to reinforce concepts and provide additional support to clients.

Woebot is a non-prescription medical device that can be used as an adjunct to clinical care.

Woebot can be used outside of traditional office hours to provide mental health support.

Woebot has been shown to have high satisfaction ratings from users.

Woebot can help scale clinician capacity without adding to burnout.

Woebot has been integrated into an Electronic Medical Record system.

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