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WowTo: Easily create captivating how-to videos and build a dynamic video knowledge base in minutes. Empower your audience with engaging instructional content.

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What is WowTo?

What is a Video Knowledge Base and How to Create Engaging How-To Videos in Minutes?



Pros VS Cons

WowTo offers a comprehensive range of features including a free video knowledge base, customizable layouts, multilingual capability, integration with various platforms, and simplified video editing, resulting in high customer satisfaction and reduced support tickets and churn rate.
However, WowTo has limited editing tools, lacks offline accessibility, is dependent on an internet connection, does not provide manual voice-over options, lacks support for other language scripts, and does not offer video analytics or rating/feedback options.

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WowTo Use Cases

Create how-to videos and host an engaging video knowledge base in minutes.

Build professional video knowledge base with pre-made layouts

Provide better support by contextually providing video help to your visitors

Create how-to videos, support videos, and step-by-step videos in minutes with our AI screen recorder, that automatically generates voice-over for your video.

Our video editor is made for support staff. No prior design expertise is required

Pick a knowledge base layout to match your use-case and brand it with logo, coverart, icon

Want your video to speak in UK dialect or german. No worries, let our AI do the talking.

With native multi-lingual capability, Let your global users hear videos in their locale

Use WowTo widget inside your app to bring in-app video tutorials programmatically.

Your product always changes, so should your videos. WowTo makes updating a breeze.

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