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Supercharge Gmail™ with AI Mail Assistant. Automate responses, summarize emails, translate in 13 languages, improve drafts, and access ChatGPT. 🤖💼✉️

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What is AI Mail Assistant?

An AI Mail Assistant is a powerful tool that enhances the capabilities of Gmail™ using advanced AI technology. This assistant offers a range of features including an auto-responder, email summarizer, 13-language translator, draft improver, and direct access to ChatGPT. With this AI-powered assistant, you can supercharge your Gmail™ experience and streamline your email communication.


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Pros VS Cons

The AI Mail Assistant is a time-saving tool that summarizes emails, generates personalized responses, and improves draft quality, making it effective for professionals, non-natives, and customer support, while constantly providing updates and improvements.
However, it is limited to Gmail, currently supports only 13 languages, and has reported slow responses, requiring better design and manual installation from GSuite Marketplace, with limited users' reviews.

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AI Mail Assistant FQA

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AI Mail Assistant Use Cases

Generate Smart Email Responses

Improve & Enhance Emails

Quick Email Summaries

Instant Access to ChatGPT Expertise

Seamless Translation in 13 Languages

Comprehensive Text Analysis & Detection

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