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Experience the power of AIVA, the AI music composer crafting personalized and authentic music for your projects.

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What is Aiva?

AIVA is an Artificial Intelligence music composer specializing in crafting unique and tailor-made music for a wide range of projects.



Pros VS Cons

Aiva offers unique personalized music, diverse user options, faster composition, preset music styles, flexible pricing plans, extended track durations, high download limit, full copyright ownership, monetization with no restrictions, tackles licensing challenges, aids non-commercial users, assists content creators, provides student discounts, and offers a variety of file formats including high-quality WAV files.
Aiva has limited genre options, no API, no Linux support, no direct DAW integration, limited track duration and download options, track ownership tied to subscription, no multi-language support, no free trial, and limited file formats.

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Aiva FQA

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  • Can I customize the generated tracks?icon plus
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Aiva Use Cases

Generate new songs in over 250 different styles

Create your own style models

Upload audio or MIDI influence to customize generated tracks

Download songs in any file format

Monetize music generated with AIVA

Own the full copyright of your compositions

Use compositions for non-commercial use cases

Monetize compositions on Youtube, Twitch, Tik Tok, and Instagram

Download MP3 & MIDI formats

Download high quality WAV files

Student & School discounts available

AIVA trusted by various creators

Listen to AIVA on Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud

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