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Discover your family history and connect with distant relatives using GEDmatch. Compare your DNA with millions of others and uncover ancestral links worldwide. Explore your genealogy with powerful tools and resources.

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What is GEDmatch?

GEDmatch is a comprehensive DNA-matching service that allows users to compare their genetic profiles with others. By using GEDmatch, users can discover distant relatives, trace their family histories, and create personal family trees. This service offers powerful tools for genetic genealogy, enabling users to search and compare their DNA against millions of other people's data. With GEDmatch, users can uncover matches with relatives they may not have known about and find connections to ancestral populations worldwide. Additionally, GEDmatch provides advanced features like Triangulation, DNA Painter, and the GEDmatch Genesis portal, allowing users to delve deeper into their ancestry. For those interested in exploring their genealogy, GEDmatch is a user-friendly, secure platform that offers a wide range of analytical tools and resources.


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