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Unlock the power of eesel AI - ChatGPT infused with your company knowledge. Connect your docs, get instant answers, and enhance communication on Slack or your website. Try it now!

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What is eesel AI?

Eesel.ai is a versatile platform designed to enhance your website's SEO. It enables you to effortlessly integrate your knowledge with ChatGPT, creating a powerful oracle capable of providing immediate answers to any query. This platform ensures the security and privacy of your company's valuable information, offering a dedicated environment for storing knowledge. Additionally, eesel.ai seamlessly integrates with popular applications such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, and website widgets, expanding its functionality and accessibility.



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eesel AI Use Cases

Connect your knowledge with ChatGPT and build an oracle that can instantly answer any question.

Add it to your internal Slack, Microsoft Teams or as a website widget.

Thousands of startups and enterprises trust us.

Works instantly, with all your apps.

Your data is stored securely in a SOC2 compliant app, and only available to your Oracle. The data is never used to train the models.

Bring the Oracle where you want for internal or external use.

Add to your Slack or Teams for internal use.

Get the ultimate teammate that can immediately answer any question.

Add to your website as a chat widget.

Get the ultimate support agent that can resolve any customer question.

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