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Get instant answers inside Slack with Question Base - the AI-powered knowledge base for fast-growing teams. Say goodbye to overheated channels.🔥

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What is Question Base?

Question Base is an AI-powered tool designed to enhance operational efficiency for customer-facing teams. By offering real-time, verified answers within Slack, it serves as a centralized solution for customer support, sales, and customer success teams.


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Pros VS Cons

Question Base offers instant answers in Slack, reduces dependency on experts, generates answers organically, surfaces existing knowledge, requires minimal onboarding, suggests related questions, and promotes a culture of learning.
However, it is currently in beta with uncertain future pricing, limited to Slack integration, and its answer accuracy relies on channel data, while also lacking the ability to handle unknown questions well and having no on-premise version.

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Question Base FQA

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Question Base Use Cases

Build a single source of answers

Close tickets faster

Standardize your onboarding

Close more deals

Improve the Operational Efficiency of your customer agents

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