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Train AI ChatBots with ChatNode! Utilize various data sources like text, PDFs, and URLs. Embed them on your site or use internally. Try it for free and enjoy!

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What is ChatNode?

ChatNode is a versatile platform that enables users to train the advanced ChatGPT model using their own data. By doing so, they can effortlessly create an exceptional AI assistant or chatbot tailored specifically for their website or internal research tool.



Pros VS Cons

ChatNode offers a wide range of features including customizable knowledge base, unlimited website embedding, and 24/7 user support, which can improve customer support and streamline operations, leading to potential increased productivity and efficient information retrieval.
However, there are limitations such as file size restrictions, limited free plan, and lack of customization options, as well as the need for paid plans for additional features like multiple chatbots and API access.

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ChatNode Use Cases

Build a virtual AirBnB host that can answer guests' questions about check-in/check-out, house rules, the neighborhood etc.

Quickly respond to questions about the products in an ecommerce store by feeding customer support emails into a bot.

Find missing info in marketing materials after reviewing answers to basic questions about the materials.

Review transcriptions from meetings, board minutes, or lecture notes.

Create a custom coding aid by providing specific examples or documentation for a programming language.

Distill short responses from huge archives of blog posts or wikis.

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