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Cyanite's Free Text Search

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Discover Cyanite's Free Text Search - Find music with your own words! Unleash your imagination with this groundbreaking innovation. Try it for free until Feb 28!

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What is Cyanite's Free Text Search?

Cyanite.ai is an AI-driven platform designed specifically for the music industry. This innovative solution utilizes advanced algorithms to provide music tagging and similarity search capabilities. By automatically generating extensive metadata for songs and catalogs, Cyanite.ai significantly reduces the time and effort required by music professionals.



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Cyanite's Free Text Search Use Cases

Automatically generate comprehensive metadata for every song or catalog in seconds.

Extract captivating full-text descriptions directly from any song, saving you time and effort.

Discover musical kinship instantly by inputting a reference song and unlocking a world of similar songs.

Effortlessly combine and weigh different keywords to fine-tune your music search.

Search for music in your own words with Free Text Search, breaking free from traditional tags.

Showcase music and identify patterns with intuitive graphs for pitches, marketing, and content strategies.

Access and use Cyanite's AI through the browser-based Web App for tagging and search.

Integrate Cyanite into existing catalog platforms via an API for full scope analysis and search technology.

Benefit from accurate music analysis, unmatched support, and customized solutions.

Enhance music discovery features for music publishers, film studios, and streaming platforms with Cyanite's AI.

Experience cutting-edge AI algorithms that analyze music in previously impossible ways.

Connect with Cyanite for business opportunities, idea sharing, collaboration, and joining their team.

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