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Create and personalize original, royalty-free music with AIbstract. This AI-based generative-music solution empowers users to play and create in real time, regardless of their music skills.

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What is AIbstract?

Musical Intelligence is a website that utilizes AI technology to delve into and comprehend the realm of music.


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Pros VS Cons

AIbstract offers a wide range of benefits including royalty-free music, real-time music generation, no prior musical knowledge required, and tailored pricing plans to suit individual requirements, among others.
However, it has some limitations such as the requirement of JavaScript enabled, limited daily generations, extra storage costs, and no offline usage.

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AIbstract Use Cases

Transforming a moment of life into an unforgettable memory sometimes only takes a few musical notes. AIbstract brings them to you and creates your adventure’s soundtrack.

AIbstract is a software solution using artificial intelligence technologies to provide the services of a virtual composer and performer. Whether you are an individual or a professional, it allows you to generate and stream personalized, original and royalty-free music in real time, with no prerequisites in terms of musical skills. AIbstract integrates many complementary features allowing it to meet a wide variety of musical needs and use cases.

AIbstract is able to accomplish all the steps between the formulation of a musical idea and the streaming of a musical piece. Each of your requests results in a unique work, specifically created to meet your requirements.

AIbstract allows you to express your musical demands in the most intuitive and accessible way.

AIbstract works in cloud computing and can therefore be used in the best conditions regardless of your device, even if it is not very powerful. Our solution can be interfaced with any software environment in order to bring new musical functionalities or to collect inputs in an automated way.

The songs generated through or with the help of AIbstract belongs entirely to the users. In accordance with law and its values, AIbstract does not claim any intellectual property on the works resulting from its use whatever the part taken by the solution in the creative process. You are completely free to use this music, whether it is to share it and distribute it publicly, to register near a copyright management service and even to market it.

The artificial intelligence technologies on which AIbstract is based offer it exceptional flexibility and allow it to adapt to your uses whatever they are and whatever the context.

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