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Discover and navigate documents effortlessly with Filechat's AI-powered tool. Interact with your own chatbot, ask questions, and gain insights.

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What is Filechat?

Arches AI is a cutting-edge AI-powered tool designed to enhance document exploration. By simply uploading PDFs, users can seamlessly interact with a customized chatbot, enabling a personalized experience. Discover the power of Arches AI in effortlessly navigating through your documents.


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Pros VS Cons

Filechat offers a wide range of features including semantic search, multi-file search, PDF upload capability, dedicated chatbots, and strict security infrastructure, making it a comprehensive and secure file management solution.
However, it has limitations such as only supporting PDF format, lacking multi-file chat functionality, and limited uploads and questions, which may restrict its usability for some users.

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Filechat FQA

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Filechat Use Cases

Create intelligent chatbots, generate vibrant AI visuals, and integrate seamlessly using our API or no-code widgets.

Transform user interactions with AI-enhanced responses.

Secure and scalable AI solutions right in your infrastructure.

Captivating visuals using advanced AI techniques.

Create semantic search engines for your website or app.

Embed your agents directly into your existing websites, safely and securely.

Evaluate your agents across different settings to achieve the best results.

Deploy your agents to the cloud or on-premise.

Automatically analyze and generate concise summaries of large volumes of documents.

Empower your chatbots with voice capabilities.

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