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Huawei HiAI Platform

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Discover the power of Huawei HiAI Platform. Simplify AI development with intuitive tools and access a wide range of capabilities. Deploy models effortlessly and unleash the potential of AI-driven applications. Trust in Huawei's secure and efficient platform for maximum AI performance.

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What is Huawei HiAI Platform?

The Huawei HiAI Platform is a comprehensive AI development platform that allows users to access a wide range of powerful AI capabilities. This platform offers an intuitive development environment and advanced tools that simplify the process of creating AI applications. It also provides various features and services, including a deep learning library, a machine learning engine, and a high-performance computing platform. By using the Huawei HiAI Platform, users can effortlessly deploy AI models to the cloud and access real-time data from different sources. Moreover, this platform ensures the security, reliability, and efficiency of AI-driven applications. With its extensive set of AI tools and services, the Huawei HiAI Platform is an ideal choice for developers and organizations seeking to maximize the potential of AI.


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Huawei HiAI Platform FQA

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Huawei HiAI Platform Use Cases

Developers can incorporate powerful AI capabilities into their apps using the Huawei HiAI Platform. It provides a comprehensive smart ecosystem built around an innovative 'chip-device-cloud' three-layer open architecture.

The HiAI Platform offers three-layer open capabilities: HiAI Foundation, HiAI Engine, and HiAI Service. These capabilities enable developers to optimize device performance, build smarter apps, and connect users with desired services.

The Huawei HMS Toolkit is a developer tool designed to facilitate quick integration of HiAI capabilities. It supports HiAI Engine and HiAI Foundation, and provides remote device access at no cost.

The HiAI Platform has strengths such as powerful and Internet-independent device-side NPU computing capabilities, free integration and usage, abundant support and promotional resources, and privacy and security safeguards.

The HiAI Foundation accelerates the transformation and migration of existing models through heterogeneous scheduling and NPU acceleration. It provides documentation, API reference, integration guide, and model zoo for developers.

The HiAI Engine incorporates diverse AI capabilities, including document skew correction, image super-resolution, general text recognition, table recognition, and code recognition. It also supports facial recognition, text recognition, image recognition, video technology, and body recognition.

The HiAI Service is part of the Huawei Ability Gallery, which aggregates developer content and services for Huawei device users.

There are case studies showcasing the use of HiAI in various applications, such as WPS for smart mobile office, StorySign for hearing-impaired users, SketchAR for fun and engaging drawing, and Chefs' for one-touch image-based recipe generation.

Developers can access technical support, participate in the Huawei Developer Forum, Stack Overflow, and GitHub for community support and collaboration.

There are also quick links to other Huawei products, solutions, programs, resources and training, support, and social media channels.

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