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IDology: Industry-leading identity verification & fraud prevention solution. Easily verify customer identities in real-time. Trusted by top companies for comprehensive protection.

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What is IDology?

IDology is a leading solution for identity verification and fraud prevention. It assists businesses in confirming the authenticity of their customers' identities and mitigating the risk of fraudulent accounts and transactions. By utilizing IDology, businesses can seamlessly and securely verify customers' identities in real-time, utilizing various identity verification methods. Moreover, IDology's advanced technology ensures compliance with industry regulations, guaranteeing that businesses consistently fulfill their obligations. Renowned companies worldwide trust IDology, which offers a comprehensive suite of identity verification solutions. These solutions include automated identity verification, risk-based authentication, and multi-factor authentication. By leveraging these features, businesses can efficiently and accurately authenticate customers' identities while safeguarding their brand and customers from fraudulent activities.


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IDology Use Cases


Onboarding & New Account Opening

Age Verification

KYC Compliance

Digital Identity

Step-Up Authentication & Reverification

KBA Enhancement or Replacement

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