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Unlock customer insights 10x faster with Insight7, an AI-powered customer research tool. Understand customers, prioritize problems, and identify opportunities in seconds. Try it now for free!

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What is Insight7?

Insight7 is a revolutionary AI-driven tool that serves as a customer insights repository. Its primary purpose is to enhance efficiency for product teams by eliminating the need for manual analysis. With Insight7, teams can swiftly identify customer opportunities within seconds. This cutting-edge platform automates the extraction of actionable themes and opportunities from customer data, enabling teams to effortlessly visualize and share interactive insight dashboards.


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Insight7 Use Cases

Identify product priorities across customer segments

Make data-driven product decisions 10x faster

Save hundreds of hours wasted on manual analysis

Aggregate customer data from channels like Salesforce, Hubspot & Gong

Upload call transcripts, support tickets, and NPS for analysis

Analyze data for actionable insights that inform product decisions

Visualize and share priorities, opportunities, and trends via interactive dashboards

Ensure enterprise-grade security with 256-bit AES and 256-bit SSL/TLS encryption

Implement security logging, uptime monitoring, and system availability metrics

Follow coding practices based on the OWASP Top Ten for enhanced security

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