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Streamline qualitative data analysis with Viable - automate without sacrificing quality. Maximize efficiency in a single solution.

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What is viable?

Viable is an advanced AI-powered platform designed to analyze unstructured qualitative data efficiently. By leveraging cutting-edge AI technologies like GPT-4, Viable offers in-depth insights from your data, eliminating the reliance on spreadsheets.


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Pros VS Cons

viable provides a wide range of detailed insights, customizable recommendations, and supports analysis of various data sources, making it a comprehensive and efficient tool for data analysis and decision-making.
However, viable has limitations such as requiring a minimum of 500 datapoints, limited integration platforms, absence of a mobile app and local language support, and the lack of real-time analysis and customizability.

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viable Use Cases

Effortlessly transform raw data into actionable insights with AI.

Unlimited user seats at every price point, always.

Viable integrates seamlessly with your tech stack.

Use customer feedback to deliver exceptional experiences.

Boost workplace satisfaction by effortlessly decoding employee feedback.

Launch stronger messaging with deep audience insights.

Turn existing user data into clearly prioritized action items.

Whether it's deal diligence or audience research, AI can help.

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