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Discover Iris Automation: The cutting-edge service for commercial drone operations. Detect, avoid, and navigate obstacles with advanced computer vision and machine learning. Stay compliant and fly with confidence.

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What is Iris Automation?

Iris Automation offers an advanced drone detection and avoidance technology service for commercial drone operations. By utilizing sophisticated computer vision algorithms, machine learning, and embedded systems, Iris Automation can detect, identify, and avoid potential obstacles in the air. This innovative solution ensures highly accurate obstacle detection, helping drone operators comply with regulations and fly safely. Additionally, Iris Automation provides real-time guidance for navigating complex airspace and generates detailed reports on the environment and encountered obstacles. It is an invaluable tool for drone operators who prioritize the safe and efficient operation of their drones. With Iris Automation, drone operators can have confidence in the safety and compliance of their operations. This service is particularly beneficial for commercial drone operators seeking to maintain a high level of safety and reliability during their flights.


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Iris Automation FQA

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Iris Automation Use Cases

Equip your drone program with the leading onboard detect-and-avoid (DAA) system and safely conduct advanced operations like BVLOS. Compatible with multirotor, fixed wing, and VTOL airframes.

Monitor airspace for large-scale drone operations conducted at fixed locations all while reserving the drone’s payload. Detects across a 360° field of regard and alerts of intruder aircraft.

Increase the situational awareness of general aviation pilots by alerting them of any potential collisions with nearby aircraft outside their field of view, even if ADS-B or TCAS signals are unavailable.

Building the future of autonomous aviation requires innovative solutions that place safety at the forefront. Iris partnerships with Urban Air Mobility (UAM) developers look to make this a reality.

Routine inspections of power lines and critical electrical infrastructure for efficient and reliable maintenance

Monitor large distances of pipeline to mitigate costly and dangerous leakage with reduced downtime

Inspections of remote tracks and bridges are key to safely deliver passengers and cargo without major closures

Respond to emergencies and assess dangerous and difficult to reach areas for potentially lifesaving assistance

Provide frequent aerial mapping missions coupled with exact and efficient methods of data collection

Reduce delivery times of payloads ranging from consumer goods, medical supplies, mail, and more

Reshaping the aviation industry to safely bring autonomous flight for passengers in urban environments

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