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Streamline operations and increase productivity with Vicarious, the powerful virtual assistant platform. Automate tasks, integrate workflows, and reduce manual workload with ease. Save time, money, and resources while boosting efficiency. Try now!

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What is Vicarious?

Vicarious is a virtual assistant platform designed to enhance business operations and improve productivity. By utilizing Vicarious, businesses can effectively automate repetitive tasks, integrate workflows across various applications, and reduce manual workload. This platform offers a wide range of user-friendly features, allowing for the creation of powerful automation solutions. With its robust set of APIs, intuitive user interface, and advanced natural language processing engine, Vicarious simplifies the process of adding custom logic to automate complex processes. Moreover, Vicarious ensures the safety and security of data through its secure hosting. By leveraging the capabilities of Vicarious, businesses can optimize their operations, save valuable time and resources, and enhance overall efficiency.


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Vicarious Use Cases

Automating tasks too complex and versatile for traditional automation

Achieving 50-90% reduction in labor hours and 15-40% reduction in monthly costs

Providing instant ROI with zero up front CapEx and savings starting on day one

Streamlining kitting operations for high-mix, high-changeover kitting

Offering high speed palletization and de-palletization for standard and mixed pallets

Delivering tight-fit insertion for master case repacking, late customization, bundling, and other packaging use cases

Enabling pick-to-light solution for e-commerce or direct-to-consumer fulfillment

Helping innovative companies deliver mission-critical products

Featured in industry-leading journals and media outlets

Over $250M raised in funding

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