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Streamline feedback and improve learning with Kaizena - the all-in-one online platform for students and teachers. Get personalized guidance, track progress, and access a library of resources for better results.

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What is Kaizena?

Kaizena is a user-friendly online platform that facilitates efficient and comprehensive feedback for both students and teachers. It simplifies the process of giving and receiving feedback, allowing teachers to provide timely and constructive feedback on student work. This enables students to gain a deeper understanding of the material and make necessary improvements. With Kaizena, students have the option to receive both audio and written feedback, as well as personalized guidance on how to enhance their work. Moreover, Kaizena offers an extensive online library of learning resources, providing access to various content and activities that can aid in the learning process. Additionally, teachers can monitor student progress in real-time, enabling them to intervene and offer additional support whenever necessary. Overall, Kaizena offers an intuitive user interface and a wide range of features and benefits, making it an optimal platform for effective student and teacher feedback.


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Kaizena Use Cases

Feedback tool for Google Docs

Faster, Better Feedback on Student work

Review up to 75% faster than typing with Voice Comments

Embed explainer videos in three clicks

Track Skills and we'll auto-complete your rubric

Welcome to the future of feedback

Students Love to Hear Your Voice

We all speak up to 75% faster than we type

Even better, over thirty years of research show your students love to hear your voice

Automatic Rubrics

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