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Discover an infinite world of AI-generated visuals with Krea. Collect and curate inspiring prompts, powered by Stable Diffusion tech. Unleash your creativity now!

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What is Krea?

KREA is an innovative creative tool that leverages AI technology to produce exceptional visuals. It empowers digital artists to delve into diverse styles, concepts, or products, enabling them to craft awe-inspiring images.



Pros VS Cons

Krea offers a wide range of features including text to image generation, quick rendering, image variations, inpainting tool, background removal, super-resolution capabilities, fine-tuning options, visual idea exploration, and the ability to create visuals from ideas, with upcoming new features and first access to releases.
However, Krea is currently in private beta with limited access, may lack certain features, has a waitlist for access, doesn't mention API availability, doesn't specify image output quality, detailed fine-tuning might be complex, has limited integration information, and there might be a learning curve for users, also it's not open source.

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Krea FQA

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Krea Use Cases

Generate images and videos with a delightful AI-powered design tool.

Try KREA for free

Unlike any other tool you've used before

Meticulously designed to put the latest AI research at your fingertips.

No need for complex tools or software; your keyboard alone is the gateway to endless creative possibilities.

Your Personal AI

With just a few sample images you can create your tailor-made AI that aligns with your aesthetic preferences.

Built for creatives

KREA lets you have full control over the AI to achieve professional results.

More than 2,500 AI models to achieve the exact style and quality you're looking for.

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