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Boost customer engagement and satisfaction with Polarite.app. Streamline customer service, automate workflows, and gain valuable customer insights. Try it now!

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What is Polarite.app?

Polarite.app is a powerful solution that enhances customer relationship management and optimizes customer service operations. By utilizing its user-friendly dashboard, Polarite.app effortlessly facilitates the organization and prompt response to customer inquiries, enabling businesses to establish deeper connections with their clientele. Additionally, this platform incorporates automated features like customer segmentation and service workflows, resulting in significant time and cost savings, as well as heightened customer satisfaction. With its extensive customer insights, Polarite.app empowers businesses to gain a profound understanding of customer requirements and tailor their services accordingly. Consequently, Polarite.app is the ultimate choice for businesses aiming to elevate customer engagement and satisfaction levels.



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Polarite.app Use Cases

Polarite.app is a machine learning assisted decision making app for generating harmonious color schemes.

Users can make decisions by swiping colors left and right.

The app uses over 20 different algorithms to create harmonious color schemes based on user feedback.

Export formats include Adobe ASE files, hex codes, and CSS strings.

Users can easily share color schemes using various apps or transfer them to their computer using AirDrop.

All data gathered and created by Polarite is stored locally on the user's device.

Users can train the system by swiping colors for optimal results.

Generated color schemes can be browsed and exported.

Polarite is only available for iOS and Android.

The app does not have color sliders and instead relies on machine learning to create color schemes.

Polarite is a next-gen color tool that leverages machine learning to solve the problem of finding harmonious colors.

The app is developed by Cem Baspinar, a graphic designer and digital product designer.

Polarite has a long roadmap ahead and the developer is committed to supporting the app.

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