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Recast: Listen to articles turned podcasts with real dialogue. Submit or browse community recasts. Learn on the go, save reading & screen time. Try now!

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What is Recast?

Recast is a platform that offers a convenient solution for those seeking audio summaries of articles they want to read. By converting lengthy articles into engaging and informative audio conversations, Recast eliminates the need for reading. This allows users to easily consume content while on the move, during exercise, or whenever they prefer a more accessible way to stay informed.



Pros VS Cons

Recast is a versatile tool that offers conversational tone summaries, audio conversion of articles, personal content filtering, and encourages deeper understanding, while also providing a platform for sharing and discovering summaries.
However, it is limited to being an app and Chrome extension, lacks Android support, customization features, and offline mode, and may not suit all users' audio style preferences, with limited content control and no integration with other apps.

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Recast FQA

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Recast Use Cases

Recast will launch on Product Hunt soon. Follow us and be part of the adventure.

Welcome Hunters! Thanks for your support. iOS users can click here to claim a 30% discount. Android users can sign in here and use the promo code at checkout to get 30% off.

Use the promo code at checkout to get 30% off your first 3 months of the Pro plan.

Recast is a new way to consume articles. It turns long articles into entertaining and easy-to-understand audio conversations. Download the app now.

With Recast, you can save time reading news, lower screen-time, understand articles more deeply, discover interesting stories, and get through your reading list.

Recast takes long articles and turns them into easy-to-digest conversations. It's perfect for reading long think pieces or clearing your reading list.

Recast has been praised by users for helping them stay informed without cutting into their busy schedules and for providing informative summaries of articles.

To recast articles yourself, simply find an article you want to know more about and use the in-app browser, share sheet, or Chrome Extension to recast it. The recast will appear in your app and inbox.

You can listen to recasts by downloading the app or logging in to the web app. RecastPro users also have the option to have their recasts in their favorite podcast app.

Recast offers an affiliate program, a blog, and a way to get in touch with the team. Follow Recast on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter for updates.

Recast is a product by Fika Media 2023. We turn articles into easy-to-digest podcast convos using AI.

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