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Enhance your software with Roboflow's computer vision. Train powerful models in no time using just a few images. Elevate your technology today!

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What is Roboflow?

What is computer vision and how can it be trained using images in a short time?


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Roboflow FQA

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Roboflow Use Cases

Bring images and video from your own buckets in **40+ annotation and image formats** via API

Filter, tag, segment, preprocess, and augment image data by metadata, train/test split, or location of image

Track multiple versions of datasets for experimentation

Use **text-based semantic search and CLIP vectors** to find similar data and anomalies

Use pre-trained models and SAM to **automatically apply labels**

Speed up manual annotation workflows with **AI-assisted labeling**

**Auto-annotate API** automatically labels large batches of data programmatically

See a **history of all changes** made to an image

Develop, improve, and manage the lifecycle of all models in your organization

Train custom models on our hosted GPUs to **save time and money**

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