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Enhance your Twitch stream with TTSLabs - customize Text to Speech donations, unlock custom voices, and add unique sound clips. Seamlessly integrated with Twitch, Streamlabs, and Streamelements. Discover the power of AI TTS today!

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What is TTSLabs?

TTSLabs is a Text to Speech service that caters to the needs of Twitch streamers. It offers a range of features such as personalized Text to Speech options, the ability to utilize custom voices, incorporate distinctive sound clips, and much more.



Pros VS Cons

TTSLabs offers a dedicated desktop app with real-time TTS playback, customizable voice options, unique sound clips integration, profanity filters management, and faster than real-time processing, enhancing stream creativity and facilitating clean content creation.
However, TTSLabs is limited to the Twitch platform, requires a dedicated desktop app, and has limited voice selection, lacks neutral language filtering, and no apparent multilingual support, with guidance limited to donations and assumed high system requirements.

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TTSLabs Use Cases

Customize Text to Speech for Twitch streamers

Seamless management and playback of Text to Speech

Faster than real-time processing of audio

Provide custom guide for viewers to check enabled alerts, voices, sound clips, and minimum values for Text to Speech

Sync desktop app with Streamlabs or StreamElements to control Text to Speech donations

Manage allowed donations with preset levels of profanity and custom profanity filters

Enhance Text to Speech donations with unique sound clips

Create voices using speech synthesis to artificially produce human speech

Customize voices for streamers like Mizkif, Alinity, Soda, Glados, Poke, Cyr, Maven, Knut, Zana, ASMR, Female

Contact TTSLabs for access to TTS with unique voices and awesome features

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