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Boost communication confidence with TXTGenie - your ultimate texting assistant! Say goodbye to text anxiety and hello to seamless conversations with engaging message suggestions. Enhance relationships effortlessly!

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What is TXTGenie?

TXTGENIE AI is a cutting-edge AI-powered tool designed to effortlessly generate top-notch and captivating content. With its advanced technology, users can create high-quality and engaging content in a breeze, saving time and effort.



Pros VS Cons

TXTGenie automates SMS scheduling, offers personality customization for messages, determines best sending times, and provides activity planning and scheduling, making it useful for bulk SMS senders and offering convenience for users.
However, it only offers SMS scheduling, lacks multi-channel support, and has limited language support, potentially misinterpreting scheduling data and raising privacy concerns with calendar access.

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TXTGenie Use Cases

TXTGenie is an AI-powered texting assistant that helps automate text messages and provides suggestions based on your input.

TXTGenie can customize the tone and style of your text messages to fit any personality, saving you time and effort.

With TXTGenie's automation feature, you can schedule messages using your contact's personality inputs, eliminating the need for manual timing.

TXTGenie can help you plan and schedule activities with friends by using your calendar and desired activity categories.

TXTGenie determines success by the completion of milestones, helping you achieve your goals in conversations.

Integrating TXTGenie with SMS platforms like iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram allows for seamless communication and automation.

TXTGenie ensures secure SMS privacy with advanced encryption, protecting sensitive information shared through text messages.

Choose from a variety of plans with different features, volume, and cost-effectiveness.

Automate trivial tasks and optimize business productivity with TXTGenie's intuitive user interface and scalability.

Join the waitlist for early access to the beta of TXTGenie and automate your text messaging.

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